Discover The Right Words To Use In Your Marketing To Explode Your Visibility, Attract & Engage Your Ideal Clients & Sell More Stuff

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In this course you will learn how to:

  • Understand (not assume) how your ideal client *thinks* when they search for your product or service, so you can

  • Find untapped potential to generate more leads through Google Search and

  • Increase your businesses visibility and engagement by using Profitable Marketing Words

Getting seen on social media is becoming harder and harder – reach is diminishing, advertising is becoming more restrictive and it’s only going to get worse. It’s time to take control and find the Profitable Marketing Words to supercharge your organic traffic and attract leads by getting found online.

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Breaking Down The Course Content


The first module is all about the psychology of how people think when they search on Google.


Next we introduce you to the main tool you will use to find your Profitable Marketing Words.


Here we dive deep into the nuances of the research process which can make a big difference to your visibility.


Now it’s time to leverage your Profitable Marketing Words to increase visibility, engagement and leads.


  • A checklist
  • A resource guide
  • Another great research tool
Picture of a client - Ian Wilson

“If you want to learn without the fluff, and overwhelm, this short course is ideal. It does what it says, doesn’t assume any previous knowledge and takes you through the process of finding the right words to use not only on your website but social media and blog posts” ~ Ian Wilson

Do “Profitable Marketing Words” Work?

Website Traffic (Blogging)

This client had lots of great blog posts full of superb information, but hardly anyone was seeing them.

One by one, we set about researching the topic of each post and adjusted them to include the right Profitable Marketing Words. As a result:

  • They saw a 453% increase in the organic (free) visitors to their website year on year.
  • Time visitors spend on their website has increased
  • Mailing list subscribers have increased

YouTube Channel Growth

Profitable Marketing Words - Youtube Traffic Growth

This client had a Youtube Channel with approx 150 subscribers and low video views.

Together we conducted research around their niche and they started making videos using Profitable Marketing Words. As a result:

  • Channel subscriber numbers have increased by over 2000% to over 3,400 (now 14,400 – Jan 2024)
  • Their channel has been accepted into the Youtube Partner Programme so they can monitise their videos
  • Their product sales have increased
  • Mailing list subscribers have increased

“I recently complete Angie’s keywords training and it was brilliant – step-by-step, straightforward forward and easy to understand. It was a real eye-opener into the world of SEO and as a novice, it was perfectly pitched. I now know what I should be doing and why, and feel confident to give it a go.

The 20 minute follow-up call was really useful too. Angie was so easy to talk to and has a great way of explaining things.

I will definitely be going back to Angie in the future for further support.”

~ Sally Pearce, April 2023

Meet Your Profitable Marketing Words Teacher

Angie Stewart - Digital Marketer

Hi I’m Angie

In 2008, I left my corporate job to join my husband Paul in business.

I have always enjoyed ‘techie’ stuff and as Paul was an offline business consultant, I decided to focus my attention on the online space and so my journey in the world of Digital Marketing began.

I started by building a website around Paul’s passion for Badminton and quickly researched and applied many digital marketing techniques. The website grew from strength to strength, including the additional of an online coaching club and in early 2020, he switched to Badminton Coaching & Stringing full time.

Here are a just few of my digital marketing qualifications:


What exactly do I get if I sign up?

If you purchase the Profitable Marketing Words Course, you’ll receive:

  • 4 modules (a total of 9 videos)
  • A Research Template Spreadsheet
  • 3 Bonuses

Can I get started right away?

Yes, once you purchase the course, you’ll receive an email with your login details and gain access immediately

How long do I have access to the course for?

You have lifetime access to the all of the course content so you are able to come back and watch everything again as many times as you like.

How long will it take to complete this course?

That’s totally up to you. Whilst it is possible to binge watch the modules in an hour, parts of the process will take longer to implement. It is worth taking your time with the research – that’s how you find the gold!

Other Client Testimonials

I applied the learning, but still wanted more, so we arranged a one-to-one. Angie really took time to tailor the session to MY website, MY audience and MY needs. There was nothing generic about her support, which was delivered in a friendly, down to earth, easy to understand and very open way. She never spoke above me, or criticised what I’d done (or not done) in the past.

I have so many action points to implement now, but it all feels manageable.

I have every intention of engaging Angie on a regular basis to help me make small continuous improvements. She’s so easy to work with and really knows what she’s doing.

Sheridan Webb, June 2022

Ella Szumlas, June 2023

Angie is absolutely amazing. I had no idea how SEO works or how to find the right words or phrases my clients are googling, but after talking to Angie I now know what phrases to add to my site, how to find those phrases and how to engage my website visitors.

She is absolutely knowledgeable and passionate about how o optimise your website. I am in awe and will definitely use her services again.

Charmaine Marimo