Why Use Video?

Video posts typically get 59% more engagement than other post types

Videos on Social Media usually see 1200% more shares than standard text & image posts.

Videos with captions see a 13.48% increase in views within the first 14 days after they are published, with a lifetime benefit of 7.32%

Videos with captions are accessible to a wider audience

Our Video Captioning Service

  • Landscape Version mp4: 16:9 ratio

  • Square Version mp4: 1:1 ratio

  • Portrait Version mp4: 9:16 ratio

  • Headline (optional)

  • Progress Bar (optional)

  • Logo (optional)

  • Branding colours & font (subject to font availability)

  • Transcript SRT file

Landscape, Portrait & Square formats provided as standard.
Pricing is based on video length, with a maximum of 15 minutes.
Raw footage file type must be .mp4 or .mov with a H.264 format
Typical turnaround time: 48-72 hours from receipt of full payment and all necessary files.
(Files transferred by WeTransfer)

Video Captioning Resizing Formats

Basic 4

  • up to 4 minutes of video
  • Either as a single video, or 2 separate videos (maximum total 4 mins)
  • All 3 video formats provided + SRT file
  • Own Logo (optional)

Standard 9

  • up to 9 minutes of video
  • Either a single video or up to a maximum of 3 separate videos (maximum total 9 minutes)
  • All 3 video formats provided + SRT file
  • Own Logo (optional)

Premium 15

  • Up to 15 minutes of video
  • Either a single video, or up to a maximum of 4 separate videos (maximum total 15 minutes)
  • All 3 video formats provided + SRT file
  • Own Logo (optional)

Video Re-Sizing & Captioning Service

Social Media Video Sizes

Each channel tends to favour a specific video dimensions, which can even vary depending on video length. All usually prefer.mp4 file format.

Youtube: Landscape 16:9 ratio

Facebook General Feed: Landscape 16:9 ratio or Square 1:1 ratio
Facebook Stories: Portrait 9:16 (max 15 secs)

Twitter: Landscape, 16:9 ratio (max 2 mins 20 secs, videos will loop if under 60 secs)

Instagram: Square 1:1 ratio (max 60 secs)
Instagram IGTV: Portait 9:16 ratio (1 – 10 minutes)
Instagram Stories: Portrait 9:16 ratio (max 15 secs)

LinkedIN: Landscape 16:9 ratio (max 10 mins)

Snapchat: Portrait 9:16 ratio (max 10 secs)