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How? By making use of Video Testimonials “Research has shown that word of mouth is the best form of advertising”

The recommendation of someone else remains the most trusted source of information on consumers’ decision which products and services they want to buy. A short, sharp, sincere heartfelt Testimonial will entice potential customers to purchase faster.

And you know what is so beautiful? Your satisfied customers help you with pleasure and without consideration to a good marketing video

Benefits of Video Testimonials


Kourtney Hunt


Video Marketing


March 23, 2016

Testimonials are an easy and user-friendly way to give your website a personal touch. “Improving the online experience of your new potential customers and increase your online customer base.

Let’s face it; most testimonials on the web are unconvincing, unprofessional and untrustworthy, and for website and business owners who are trying to stand out from the crowd, creating a believable, professional, and informative review can mean the difference between explosive sales and website traffic, or being ignored.

Below are 5 Reasons You NEED a Testimonial

It makes the sales pitch unique and interesting 

People are becoming “blind” to normal pitch pages. They associate a pitch page with a scam – and you have to get beyond that preconception if you’re going to convert sales. That’s where a video testimonial comes in.

It personalizes your company: 

By using this strategy you give your company a face and differentiate yourself from all of the other “faceless” websites on the internet.

Your message isn’t lost in translation: 

Many times a long pitch page makes a visitors scroll quickly down through the content and this can lead to your users not understanding your product or service fully.

A video creates a list of exactly why your product or service is the best:

No confusion anymore! People are visual – but they also listen, a video combines the two. Many visitors may not take the time to read your website, but they will take the time to listen to a short review of it. And when that review highlights the benefits of your company it makes conversion into customers much easier!

It differentiates your company:

Everyone has a website these days – but how many of them have a personal video review on their site? Almost none. Who would you rather trust? A faceless, run of the mill website or one that has a personality and positive video testimonials about his/her company?

Do you need a video testimonial for your website, product or service? We will review your website or product and provide a positive video testimonial that can help boost your sales, your credibility and your professional image.

Would you like to create your own Video Testimonial for your product?

Visit Kourtney here to learn more about Video Testimonials:

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